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For many of us, our pets are members of our family. Our brothers, our sisters, our babies. The unconditional love they provide leaves an uninhabitable place in our minds when it is gone. For some people, the loss of their pet will be the hardest loss they ever have to live through but the grief isn’t always treated the same by society as if it was a human family member. For this reason, I sought out something very special when someone close to me went through this painful loss. I knew something more than a phone call or a card was necessary, so I sent a gift from Heaven.

I went to the Internet to search what gestures could be made in this situation. I found a small business on Etsy that made customized jewelry marketed towards the loss of a pet. The example showed a cuff bracelet available in sizes for men and women that was stamped “Thank you for my beautiful wings.” Along with text there was the option to stamp on the inside as well, and to add something like wings or a paw print.

I knew this was exactly the right gift. I customized the bracelet to have the pet’s name Sadie on the outside, and “Daddy, thank you for my beautiful wings” on the inside, so that he could wear it without explanation on hard days. I made a special request to the seller to include a small note “from” the pet. I made a few jokes about their time together and reassured him that everything would be okay.

I felt so good a couple of weeks later when I saw this post and knew that the package made it. I thought of what I would want if I was going through that kind of loss and was happy to find something so sweet to help with the pain. I went back to this seller again when another friend lost her dog. I needed to get her story and see what gave her the idea to make such thoughtful gifts.

Wendy (Wonderful Moments) from Wonderfullmoments6 has been selling jewelry on Etsy since 2010 from Belgium. She told me that she got the idea when one of her six beloved dogs passed away. She had already been selling jewelry on Etsy and wanted to make pet memorial pieces after the loss. “It is so nice to have a piece of jewelry that reminds you of the good times you had together, and other people love it too. Every month a big portion of the money I’ve earned goes to different shelters. I love to donate to shelters and also work for a shelter called The English Bulldog Resort Belgium in my free time. I just love animals so much, especially dogs.”

I love Wendy’s story and her gifts. Her shop can be found Here. I know her compassion for animals and gifts from heaven have soothed so many souls!

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